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Qualified Retirement Plans

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Defined Benefit Plans

Discover The Benefits Of The Right Retirement Plan For Your Business

As an independent firm, 5th Street provides businesses with an objective perspective when making critical decisions about the structure of their retirement plan. From consulting with sponsors about the optimal structure and plan design for their business, to managing requests for proposals (RFPs) from recordkeepers and third-party administrators, we partner with you to bring clarity and ease to your due diligence process.

5th Street provides investment advice to Plans, helping sponsors fulfill a key fiduciary duty that comes with sponsoring a plan. Serving as either 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciary investment advisor, we help sponsors select and manage their plan investments on an ongoing basis.  


The Right Plan For Your Company

Defined Contribution Plans

  • 401(k) Plans

  • Profit Sharing Plan

  • 403(b) Plan

  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)


  • Solo 401(k)


  • Pensions

Defined Benefit Plans

  • Cash Balance Plans

  • Direct Recognition Variable Investment Plan

Due Diligence

  • Fee Analysis

  • Investment Analysis

  • Third Party Due Diligence

  • Plan Design Consultation

  • Plan Benchmarking


Fiduciary Investment Advice

  • Investment Policy Statement Preparation

  • 3(21) & 3(38) Fiduciary Investment Advisor Services

Participant Education

  • Employee Education and Advice

  • Employee Financial Wellness Programs

  • Executive Financial Planning

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Comprehensive Consulation & Advice

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